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October 13, 2015

What is the Dell Storage SC4020?


Computer technology company Dell creates a wonderful new storage product with the intention to solve issues of saving data. In the business world, it is of great importance to keep up with information, whether it is aged or recent. Efficiency and real-time data are factors professionals look for as they aid customers in transactions. With […]

Top selling perfume in the World in 2014


Along with the season’s budding flowers, summer’s prettiest fragrances are also in full bloom. Take Gucci’s Flora Garden, an ode to the fashion house’s 1960s-era Flora motif, which bottles opulent fruits and flowers in five pastel iterations, from Glamorous Magnolia and Gorgeous Gardenia to Gracious Tuberose. Or the lush olfactive blends of Jo Malone Plum […]

5 worst Android phones


  Android’s charge to the top of the smartphone tree has been driven by some genuinely stellar smartphones. But for every belting blower running the OS, there’s been a fair few flops that brought shame and dishonour on the platform. Here’s our very idiosyncratic guide to the worst Android phones of all time. 1 T-Mobile […]

Nike FuelBand: You’re only cheating yourself


As I took stock of the lucky few to have been invited along with me to the launch of a top secret revolutionary new product from sport giant Nike, I couldn’t help but think I’d arrived at the wrong place. We – the 100 or so souls from all across the globe – were gathered […]

Technology: 5 must-know things


Is Verizon’s new “Share Everything” plan good for consumers? What’s the deal with Siri? Here are this week’s must-know tech stories. 1. Verizon changing its data plans Verizon Wireless will charge customers based mostly on the amount of data they buy, which can be shared among as many as 10 devices. What are some perks? […]

Best fitness gadgets that give top results


  High-tech fitness gadgets are finally catching up with our real lives. They can now track, motivate, inform, inspire, entertain — even help us look better in a bikini. But just like the clothes we wear, fitness gadgets are not one size fits all. The electronic armband that helped my friend Jennifer shed 145 pounds on […]

LG Art of the Pixel Challenge Encourages Art Students


Art students are receiving much encouragement from multinational electronics company, LG Electronics. LG is hosting their first New Media competition for aspiring artists at top-level art institutions. Nine schools have been picked, and only one from each will receive $5,000, while one from any nine schools will earn $10,000. Three winning schools will also receive […]

Nvidia and the world’s most powerful computer


    Chip maker Nvidia has revealed details of a new graphics processing unit (GPU) which it says will create the world’s most powerful computer. Thousands of the firm’s Tesla K20 modules will be fitted to an existing supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, US. Nvidia says the machine will run nearly eight […]

System to extract mobile phone data from suspects


    The Metropolitan Police has implemented a system to extract mobile phone data from suspects held in custody. The data includes call history, texts and contacts, and the BBC has learned that it will be retained regardless of whether any charges are brought. The technology is being used in 16 London boroughs, and could […]

Energizing Life’s Work with IBM Connect 2014


IBM Software is looking to energize novice businessmen and women and re-energize experienced professionals for the new year. The IBM Connect Conference will do just that. IBM Connect 2014 is a five day event is chock-full of useful tips, guest speakers, interesting topics, and new technology to be utilized in businesses worldwide. Engage with speakers […]