Beautiful autumn rain

Autumn is an amazing time of the year when nature will transform into a bright palette of colors. During this period, many trees lose their green foliage, and the leaves become a variety of shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. This period is often associated with comfort, warmth and melancholy.

On the streets of the city and in parks, you can watch the leaves slowly fall off, creating a carpet of colorful carpets. The autumn sun gives a golden hue to the surrounding world, and the cool air brings freshness.

On autumn days, you can enjoy walks in the parks, where every step is accompanied by the rustling of leaves under your feet. Cozy coffee shops and tea houses become a shelter from the coolness, providing an opportunity to enjoy a hot drink while sitting by the window and admiring the autumn scenery.

In addition, autumn brings changes to nature, signaling the arrival of a new season. Birds are preparing for flights, and animals are gathering supplies for the winter. All this creates a special atmosphere of warmth, comfort and tranquility.

Autumn rain is a frequent and characteristic phenomenon in the autumn season. It gives the atmosphere a special romance and comfort. Here are a few aspects that make autumn rain unique and wonderful:

1. The sound of raindrops: Many people enjoy the sound of raindrops pounding on windows or roofs. This sound creates a cozy and calm mood, bringing warmth and comfort.

2. Soil fragrance: Rain refreshes the air and raises the smell of the earth. This fragrance, known as “petrichora”, is considered pleasant and is associated with the arrival of long-awaited moisture after a dry period.

3. Creating reflections: Rain gives a special beauty to street scenes, creating reflections on wet surfaces. It can be especially beautiful at night when the light from the street lamps is reflected on the raindrops.

4.Changes in nature: Rain has a beneficial effect on nature, refreshing plants and creating bright colors in the foliage of trees. During this period, nature seems more saturated and lively.

5.Peace: Many people feel that autumn rain brings peace and tranquility. This can be a great time to read a book, write, or just enjoy a warm drink while listening to the sound of raindrops.

In general, the autumn rain adds a kind of charm to this time of year, making it special and unique.

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