Judges Can’t Say No When 12-Year-Old Boy Performs “Dance Monkey” With Such Bravery

Australian girl Annie, 12, who participated in the competition during season 15, is 12 years old.

Jones was obviously quite shy when she first entered the room. Although she was a lovely and kind girl, you could tell she didn’t feel at ease in front of the three judges.

His talent was obvious right away.

She immediately demonstrated talent for singing when she sang the first few lines.

Dance Monkey was the song she selected, and she gave us a completely original performance of it.

flawless delivery, flawless accuracy, and faith!

With the assurance of a seasoned professional performer, Annie displayed her swag dance moves.

She had a completely different voice when she sang and danced. Nothing like the timid child we observed during the interview a few moments earlier.

Watch Annie work her feet below for the Golden Buzzer!
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