35 Inspirational Daniel Lapin Quotes On Success

Daniel Lapin is an American Orthodox Rabbi, author, and public speaker who heads the ‘AAJC’. He was previously the founding Rabbi of the Pacific Jewish Center in Venice, California, and the former head of Toward Tradition, the Commonwealth Loan Company, and the Cascadia Business Institute. Lapin currently hosts a daily television program with his wife, Susan, and provides spiritual advice to people through his website. May these Daniel Lapin Quotes On Success inspire you to take action so that you may live your dreams.

1. “Ancient Jewish wisdom says, ‘Delight in serving other people.’ This is the best career advice you will ever get.” Daniel Lapin

2. “Successful business professionals seek out mentors.” Daniel Lapin

3. “Human beings thrive when they are growing and developing and this requires discipline. Discipline and accountability keep us alive.” Daniel Lapin

4. “The company that writes your paycheck every two weeks is not your employer; they are your customer. Adopt this mindset and everything changes. You are free from the daily grind – free to grow your business and serve your customers, your fellow man.” Daniel Lapin

5. “You cannot disconnect the future from the present and you cannot disconnect the present from the past. That’s not how time works. Time moves in a continuous motion.” Daniel Lapin

6. “Work is not about doing what you want to do; work is about serving others.” Daniel Lapin

11. “You dramatically increase your value to others if you always maintain a calm and pleasant manner.” Daniel Lapin

12. “Businesses that don’t do something valuable for others do not survive and should not survive. Profit is a way to measure how useful a business is. That doesn’t ever change.” Daniel Lapin

13. “It is impossible for one person to prosper without that person adding to the welfare of many other people in his community.” Daniel Lapin

14. “For the most part people prosper when they behave decently and honourably toward one another and live among others who conduct themselves similarly.” Daniel Lapin

15. “Step one in the process of increasing your income is to begin wrapping yourself around these two related notions: (1) you are in business, and (2) the occupation of business is moral, noble, and worthy.” Daniel Lapin

16. “Money is the consequence of doing the right things.” Daniel Lapin

17. “One thing that never changes – and business owners should always remember this – is that a business cannot last without making a profit.” Daniel Lapin

18. “The job of a leader is often to carry the burden of worry and concern alone to spare his followers worry over that which they, as followers, cannot change or influence even if they had all of the discomforting facts.” Daniel Lapin

19. “Promise less than you deliver.” Daniel Lapin

20. “We are all in business – all of us who work and provide services to our fellow man.” Daniel Lapin

21. “Business is a spiritual endeavor, and it brings us closer to one another and closer to God.” Daniel Lapin

22. “If you care about your customers as people – if you like, appreciate, and desire to serve them – you will be rewarded.” Daniel Lapin

23. Beliefs shape one’s actions far more than facts do.” Daniel Lapin

24. “Similarly, in whatever enterprise you find yourself, practice predictability. Never impose your mood swings on your associates and customers.” Daniel Lapin

25. “When you fully appreciate time, everything can be just like the first time you saw or experienced it. By appreciating time for what it is, by understanding how our view of it is distorted by our circumstance, history, and perception, we can overcome our innate limitations.” Daniel Lapin

26. “On average, at least 95 percent of what you need to know you learn on the job. This is true for doctors, lawyers, nurses, investment bankers, and everyone else.” Daniel Lapin

27. “Success is always more likely when you are swimming with the current rather than against it.” Daniel Lapin

28. “The wealth and poverty gap observed between countries is predominantly the result of differences in culture.” Daniel Lapin

29. “Differences in economic performance are chiefly dependent upon spiritual rather than physical characteristics.” Daniel Lapin

30. “Pay and profit tell you that you are supplying a need and filling other people’s wants. They are not the motivation for your work, they are the validation of your work.” Daniel Lapin

31. “The most significant factors in our success are things we have the power to change.” Daniel Lapin

32. “The business professional also must value his employees as well, for they are his most valuable asset. He must attend to their welfare.” Daniel Lapin

33. “Give your due diligence to understanding business or you will have no place in it.” Daniel Lapin

34. “The agile business professional is always looking to provide new services and the next product before the public even knows they need them.” Daniel Lapin

35. “There is only one way to make money: finding out what other people want or need and then providing those things to as many of our fellow humans as possible. This is the only way to earn money, no matter your occupation.” Daniel Lapin


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