24 buckets of fish food were thrown into the water by the man, but what happened next was unbelievable.

He emptied 24 buckets of fish food into the water, but what followed was unbelievable.

Before he tossed a bucket of food into the calm ocean, it appeared to be quiet.

The beauty of nature is amazing. You never know what to expect, but frequently you come away with a fantastic tale, a breathtaking image, or, like this man, a mind-blowing video.

There are groups for a lot of top predator species.
Additionally, they consist of particular fish species and oceanic sharks.

Everyone is surprised by the fish’s equal movements within the group.

They move in such a way that those watching them cannot see everything.

According to experts, fish maintain a safe distance from one another while in motion and turn to the same side in response to the movements of the fish next to them.

It is because of this that the fish can swim in unison.

There are fish that prefer to be alone, but they are few and far between and tend to seek out nearby fish that are grouped together in large numbers.

See how this man feeds the fish by watching the video down below.
It’s astounding and fascinating.