My 7-year-old daughter said, “Mom, can’t you hurt my dad at night?”. I found this request to be awkward

My daughter Kristinka entered the room as I was occupied in the kitchen. He sat down on a chair and raised his eyebrows before saying:.

– Mom, I want to speak to you maturely and seriously.

My daughter, who was only seven, made me laugh. How then does he understand such expressions?

“Yes, Christina, I’m paying close attention to what you’re saying. What topics would you like to discuss with me?

It is appropriate to discuss who rather than what.

I’m sorry.
Who are you referencing?

Obviously in relation to men.

I initially assumed that Krista wanted to speak with me because she liked the classmate.


Well, more specifically, about our father.

“And what took place?”.

Can’t you disturb Dad at night?

I completely flushed and felt embarrassed.

“Kristinka, you close your eyes and go to sleep at night.
Or not?

— Mom, I sleep very soundly, and I carry my cherished bear puppy to the crib.
But I frequently overhear you and your father arguing about how you forbid him from spending a lot of time in front of the computer.
You are just disturbing him, she brings me money for new toys and clothes, how can you not understand that.

Oh, what a relief, I even sat down in a chair and began to laugh.

Is that the only thing you mean by, “Christina, I’m sorry, I won’t do this again?”.

The girl exclaimed joyfully, “Yes, let me help you set the table because dad is coming home soon.”.

When I told my daughter about my husband making such a “request,” we both laughed for a very long time.

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