Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” from the hit show “Voice Kids” touches people’s hearts.

‘The Voice Kids 2023’ introduced Hans, a young singer. He sings one line while standing on a pink stage that is otherwise empty, and the audience immediately applauds him. Although the blind audition got off to an excellent start, the judges took their time turning their chairs.

Hans has a simple hoodie on, but his voice is deep and soothing. Although he is very hesitant and remains motionless, he delivers. On the chorus of the song, one judge eventually turns and smiles while the other judges remain turned away from him. During the chorus, two more judges will then take the stage.

Hans performs “Supermarket Flowers,” a hit song by Ed Sheeran. The piano plays along with the moving song. The song was included on Sheeran’s third album, “Divide,” which came out in 2017. ’.

When Han spots the judges, he smiles. When they see his amazing performance, they show his family crying as they watch from backstage. Hans is moved to tears after the song and is overcome with emotion.

Everyone who is upset gets a comically large tissue box from a stagehand.
Hans grinned along with the family.
Hans’ family sings together and there is almost always music playing.

The judges will see how moved Hans is by their affirmation once they have spun their chairs. Then, as they have fun with Hans, the audience joins in on the laughter because they know Hans is moving forward in the competition.

Incredibly talented children are frequently discovered on “The Voice Kids.”. The judges took a moment to turn their chairs in Hans’ direction, but they could tell right away from the audience’s initial response that they had a winner.