A heartbreaking “Stand by Me” flash mob wedding surprise

A long silence follows as the bride and groom stand in front of a church full of loved ones. Everyone wonders what’s going on before one of the audience members rises to sing Ben E. King’s first verse. King’s song “Stand By Me”. One of the witnesses takes over the song mid-verse. The bride and groom are caught on camera watching in shock and tears as her family performs this beautiful song.

The chorus is sung by a larger portion of the audience on their feet. The chorus says “Darling, darling, stand by me, oh, stand by me,” but there are several solos on the second verse, all of which sound surprisingly good. . Everyone approaches the altar and sings the final chorus directly to the bride and groom. The adorable couple smiles and laughs as family and friends serenade them.

At the end, the bride and groom return to their seats while applauding the other audience members. The entire event was planned and rehearsed without the bride and groom knowing.

A flash mob of talented amateur singers shocked the bride and groom on their special day with this gift of music, and the audience as well. Despite its 1961 release, Stand By Me remains a classic.