A rescue dog noticed that the girl was having a panic attack and rushed to her aid.  

The owner of a lost dog found it. It was all a result of him assisting a strange woman right away.

A representative of the local animal shelter discovered Picasso the dog on the street.

A rescue dog saw her when she was having a panic attack and came to her assistance.

His collar was gone, and nobody looked for him for a while. Picasso observed Abby Ellis, 16, sitting on the curb with her head in her lap, and shelter staff members walking their dogs. The four-legged creature approached her and hugged her, soothing her strange.

“Abby lowered her head to her feet while bending her body in front of her. Picasso could support himself by slipping under her body.

She felt better after that.
According to Abby’s mother, she would have fallen and hit her face on the ground if the dog hadn’t assisted her.

A guard dog approached the girl when it became apparent that she was having a panic attack.

After touching the dog and sensing its warmth, Abby’s shock subsided. Before going home with her mother, the young woman felt secure and was able to regain her balance. She visited a shelter the following day because she was unable to let go of her rescuers. Picasso ran to embrace Abby as soon as he saw her.

The girl realized that she was taking her dog home with her at this point. Abby said, “I’m grateful he picked me. .