Premature baby found in garbage bag, fighting for his life with a fly-infested head wound.

A young child was found hanging from a tree in a garbage bag in Vietnam.
But the horror story doesn’t end there.

On March 29, a girl was found inside a plastic bag tied to a tree.
After a man overheard her sobbing in Lam Dong province, Vietnam,
rear. The Straits Times reported that the girl had a sunburn after spending several days outdoors.
She had a wound on her head, infested with flies and mosquito bites.

The young child was reportedly kidnapped by a coffee farmer while tied to a coffee tree.
She was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

The child was later named Triu Hoai An and was diagnosed with a rare disease, hydrocephalus. Affects the central nervous system. One of the symptoms of this disease is deformation of the body.
Fluid in the brain can cause swelling of the head, seizures and spasms, paralysis, blindness, and blindness.
Doctors gave him a year to live.

Fortunately, an angel named Ming Tai made it possible for the child to get the help he needed. After caring for hundreds of orphans, Ms Ming Tai decided to help young people. Her child was adopted by her.
She started her fundraiser on her Facebook and was able to raise over €18,000.

According to reports, little Hoai was in danger of having too much fluid in her body, and she was fighting for her life.
brain. She had dangerous build-up and had many other health problems as well.

His brain was liquid.
But doctors do their best.

She may not have gone bankrupt, but doctors weren’t sure. Then two.

Amazingly, the girl made a miraculous recovery after weeks of hospitalization.

Mr. Huaiyan is still not fully recovered, but Dr. Tang Guoji did not expect that to happen.
The Straits Time reports that he should give up. She cried more, slept more and ate more. she is.
She responded well after taking 700 grams,” Ming Tai told The Straits.

For more on Hoai’s story, watch the video below.