Having stopped to assist a police officer who was pinned, a trucker from Texas has been dubbed a “Highway Angel.”.

“What I witnessed was shocking. Nobody dialed 911, and nobody halted to offer assistance, but the car kept moving. “.

To report what he had seen, Wilburn, an employee of Anderson Trucking Company, dialed 911.

Wilburn described the man as “severely injured,” noting that his leg and thigh were broken and that he was immobile. He’d bruised his leg pretty bad. ”.

Paramedics transported the policeman to a nearby hospital, where he stayed up until help arrived.

Even though Wilburn didn’t know what caused the accident and frequently asserted that he was the best person for the job, his rage never subsided and nobody tried to stop him.

I acted foolishly by jumping into the raging fire to save the dog. “You won’t be able to carry on with your day if you see something like that. “.

A total of 1,300 professional truck drivers have received Highway Angel Awards since the program’s inception in August 1997 for exemplifying exceptional civility, kindness, and bravery at work.