A childless couple decided to adopt triplets, but suddenly became parents of six 

The American couple Andy and Sarah Justice wanted a big family. But Sarah could not conceive.

Years later, the couple visited a doctor. He made a depressing discovery.
Sarah is infertile.

This made them both furious. However, they soon made the decision to adopt. In the United States, it is common for women to refuse to bear children for others, even if they are pregnant. They are found by Andy and Sarah.

But over time, it turned out that the judge’s “sponsor” was actually expecting not one, but three children.

The spouse was the only one happy with the news. After all, they gave birth to many children in their dreams. After that, the woman gave birth to three children.
two girls and one boy. But that’s not all.

Sarah soon finds out that she is pregnant and she is shocked. And not one child, but two. But there were other surprises, too.

A year later Sarah became pregnant again. As a result, the judges had six children in just two and a half years.