We have three daughters, and we recently learned that we are expecting a fourth girl. Check out what my husband and mother-in-law have done to me and what they have made me do. How should I proceed?

Now that I’m married, my mother-in-law and I share a home. My husband and my mother-in-law wanted a boy from the start, but three times we learned the baby is a girl, and each time you’d be envious of the tragedy we experienced.

I am currently expecting my fourth child, and I was very afraid when I went to find out the gender. Again a girl was revealed to be it. When we returned home from the hospital, my mother-in-law and my husband got into an argument.

Hey, head home; we don’t want to miss you; I have no idea what to do, they say. I find myself in a hopeless predicament. A child will always be a child, regardless of whether they are asked questions like, “Should I go to my brother’s house, what should I do, or what is my fault that she is a girl?”.

I can’t find my place, don’t give me advice; just tell me what to do.