Great-great-great-grandmother celebrated her anniversary surrounded by her large and hospitable family, which included 8 children and 92 grandchildren.

The oldest living person in England is Rose Sharpe, who turned 100 in early June.

Rose Sharpe is the proud patriarch of a large family in addition to being long-lived. She actually has her eight children, 92 grandchildren, and they all visited her grandmother on her birthday.

Rose comes from a big family herself. She was the only survivor among her two sisters and four brothers.

She met William Rose, the man she would marry, through her friends. At the age of 19, the couple exchanged vows. They had eight children over the course of their 35 years of blissful marriage—six boys and two girls. Carol Jasper, the senior, is now 77 years old. She gave birth to five children for Carol and seven for one of her daughters. Since then, her two additional daughters, Sophie and Danny, have joined the family, and most recently, young Amelia has become the sixth generation’s female representative. Rose really appreciates this anniversary celebration because she has spent a lot of time apart from some of her grandchildren this year while they have been in quarantine and have developed into wonderful young adults. As long as they could visit, they spoke to their grandmother a lot.

The elderly woman was taught how to use video calling apps and smartphones by her family, but it was occasionally challenging.

The names of her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-granddaughters are all easily recalled thanks to Rose’s impeccable memory. The love and support of a large portion of her family, along with Baby Rose, whom we first met at her anniversary celebration, were her greatest gifts to her. The day was made unforgettable by yet another unanticipated occurrence.
On his 100th birthday, he received a telegram from Queen Elizabeth II wishing him well. .