Girl gets kissed by a man as her mother leaves her at the airport holding an unreadable sign.

A month may seem like an eternity to a two and a half year old child trying to locate his father.

It has been almost a quarter of his life. Therefore, it makes sense that Adaline’s mother, Allison Durbin, wanted to arrange a special gathering for her daughter and her husband, former pilot Ron Durbin.

When we got to the City, Alison ran into someone holding a sign that read, “I came to get my father; I am not yet able to read.”.

The situation was known to everyone at the airport, but the young girl was completely unaware of it and was about to receive an unforgettable surprise.

On Facebook, more than 3 million people have already seen the heartwarming and endearing reunion between father and daughter.

Watch the video to see this sweet reunion in action.