Valeria did not want such a childhood for her children, but nothing could be done about it. 

In an effort to soothe her son, the mother put him to bed. The youngster was agitated all day, keeping his mother from doing anything at home. Valeria was unable to satisfy Yeri’s infant’s hunger. He was merely cradling his son in the anticipation that sleep would satisfy his thirst.

At the door, someone entered.

With tears in her eyes, Vika cried, “Mom, I don’t want to go back to school anymore.”.

Why? the mother worriedly questioned.

I simply don’t want to go there.

– Girl, that won’t happen. My mother repeatedly said, “Tell me what happened.

The girl had tears running down her cheeks.

The mother asked her daughter, “Has anyone hurt you? “.

The kid gave a tepid nod.

The girl says, “You slandered me.”.

– Me, how could I have offended you so?

You have no money to give us. I’m being mocked by everyone at school. The infant cried once more, “Why did you give birth to me? Simply letting out a loud sigh, the mother stroked her daughter’s head.

He said, “I’ll be right back,” and went to see if the daughter of his younger brother was sobbing.

The kids were brought up entirely by Valeria. There was no support. No, her husband did not unintentionally abandon her with the kids. He did it unwillingly, to be more precise. He recently perished in an accident. An unsuccessful attempt was made to register.

After all, Valeria is familiar with what it’s like to live without her parents. Although he attended a boarding school as a child, he has never met any of his kin. Thus, he was now left alone and without any support.

The woman was still giving birth to her youngest son when she found out about the passing of her beloved. Such a shock troubled him greatly. Valeria even desired to get rid of the infant. What will she do with her two kids?

But the woman’s plans were thwarted by protracted thoughts, restless nights, and fluctuations.

Even though Valeria worked as a salesperson in a candy store prior to giving birth, her pay there was not very high. The bread was sufficient on its own.

Marc then arrived. The girl was currently living solely off of government assistance. Despite being modest, there are some funds. Valeria’s presence and weaving expertise were very helpful. Saving money on clothing was made possible as a result. Even the toys were made from scratch.

Such a childhood was not what Valeria wanted for her kids. Zoos and rides are the last things on their minds. However, he had no other choice. The budget only covered bare minimum expenses.

This school year, the girl attended. Valeria persevered despite the challenges. At least he had a purpose in life. She also never regretted having children. They had his undying love.

As Valeria returned to see her daughter, Mark was now soundly dozing in bed.

Can you reheat the soup that’s in the kitchen?

I don’t want soup. The girl snarls, “I want ice cream, mom.

– Autumn has arrived. It’s already chilly. We’ll buy ice cream someday.

Today was Dasha’s birthday. When did “once” become “never”? Everyone but me was invited, though. He doesn’t want a homemade toy that you would make for him; he wants a good gift, and you know why. Additionally, we are cash-strapped for the remainder.

Consequently, friendship depends on that. Would you cut off communication with Dasha if she brought you the wrong item you had requested?

Think about it, then, okay? You see, my love for you is independent of your academic performance, whims with Mark, etc. You know, it’s love without conditions.

Everything significantly changed the following day.

— Masha, who received your toy from us, will visit me on Saturday. He wants to see the process of creation. His interest is palpable.

“Wonderful. There was something to amuse his girlfriend at that precise moment, so he said, “Let’s buy ice cream sweets, shall we. And did they concur?

Or perhaps bringing cakes is preferable?

From your shop?

The girl said with a smile, “Yes, they are.

It is feasible.

“I’m grateful, mom. Sorry for what I said. I apologize; I know it’s difficult for you. Remember that I adore you.

The mother cried and hugged her daughter, “And I love you very much.”.

Do you believe it is proper for a woman to have children in these trying times?