I’m poor, ain’t I, cute little boy asks grandma.

With his life lessons and deep southern drawl, young Jake Boone has established quite the online celebrity. Though she is still a young girl, it appears that she has already acquired some important and valuable lessons as a result of leading a difficult and challenging life.

Jake’s family made the decision to film him doing what he usually does at a time when he was really into his fun, and we are so grateful that they did. The internet is infatuated with Jake’s frankness when he offers his words of wisdom while being filmed.

Jake, who is only three years old, won $10,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos. It was a video of Jack, who was still unable to write, listing everything his mother required from the store.

The Life According to Jake Buon YouTube channel was started by Jake’s family in an effort to share his personality with the world. The channel is obviously doing very well; it has over 35K subscribers and a Facebook page with over 700K fans.

He’s more like an old man who just so happened to be in a baby’s body, according to Jake’s mother, who spoke with their local news station WBKO. He also told some humorous stories. Additionally, the kid is actually very sweet. He has a generous heart and is very kind. ”.

If you’re wondering where Jake actually got all of his knowledge, he inherited it from his grandparents, who frequently visit. Interestingly enough, his “Grammy” is typically filmed. When he says, “I’m actually poor, I’m not.,” he is speaking to her behind the camera. When Jake reaches that conclusion, he also mentions “going to work in the barn on his flatbed truck. However, this doesn’t seem to deter him at all, and at one point he even claims, “No, I’m not poor. He even has a flat, little truck of his own.