An employee’s home who did not show up for work was called by the boss, but a child answered. What resulted from it is shown here. PHOTO.

When the employer called a worker’s home who hadn’t shown up for work, the child answered. What resulted from it is shown here. PHOTO.

The boss was perplexed as to why one of the important employees failed to appear or even call to let them know he wouldn’t be there.

However, I dialed the employee’s home number because I was having a major issue with my main computer. To that, the boy muttered.

– Hello!

Is your father home? the boss greeted the worker.

“Yes,” the boy mumbled. Will he listen to me?

– no.

surprised man enquired.

-Is mom home?

– yes. Could we have a conversation?

With a low voice, she said.

– no.

Another adult should be present to deliver the message, the chief requested.

Is nobody home? she inquired. – I have, indeed. legal advisor.

The police officer was at the employee’s home, and his boss was curious what he was up to.

Can he talk to the police?

No, he’s busy. How is he faring?

Talking to his mother, parents, and firefighters are among his subjects.

The man then heard a very loud background noise.

What on earth is that sound?

The young boy muttered, “Helicopter.”. Yes, what’s going on there? the boss enquired, clearly very concerned.

A search party helicopter has just touched down.

The question is posed by a worried and perplexed boss.

who or what he is seeking.

The reply comes from a young child’s voice.
– Mitch! .