I have no money and live with my children, but my husband refuses nothing to his ex-wife. 

My husband is reasonably wealthy, and we are married. No one in our family has ever voiced a complaint about money. In general, my beloved keeps me with my son and my ex-wife with my daughter. A lot of money is spent on the latter, incidentally. Even though Sergey’s first wife doesn’t have a job, she will undoubtedly find someone who will give her money. My husband consequently became a victim in this way. He was constantly requesting money, gifts, trips, and other things.

I have very different priorities and values. I’m a gray mouse most of the time when it comes to my ex-husband. I hardly ever ask anyone close to me for anything; instead, I “worked myself out” before the order. Then I had my money, but I was now unable to balance work and life due to taking care of my son. I had to go away. The result was that I had no personal resources at all. The individual appears unaware. He won’t even keep my expenses, as he does with his ex-wife. But because I’m a girl, I also require the same manicure. Sometimes Sergey gives me exactly what I need and nothing more. When it comes to presents and new clothing, I typically keep quiet. So, if my child asks for ice cream, I can’t even buy him any, what should I say, even though I’m carrying the child around without a penny or a wallet?

It’s probably time to return to work at this point. It is less difficult because the child can already be sent to kindergarten. However, I don’t believe this will help me with my issue. Sergey will still support the former while severely depriving us, after all.

He spends extra money on her, frequents bars with friends, and practically lives for her pleasure. However, I always stay home with my child because I don’t have any money. My husband told me that somehow, he started whining about it. Do you already possess all the necessities?

However, I’m not even requesting it. I almost have to force Sergey, the child, to comply with these whims. Additionally, I cause a scandal if I start to ask for more. I can only hear myself asking him for money from what I can hear. Even humorous. I’m sick of it, but I’m at a loss for what to do. When he starts giving my son and I money, maybe I’ll change for the better.

What counsel would you offer a woman?

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