7 Signs That This Isn’t Love, It’s Passion 

At the initial stage of a relationship, when we are just crazy about our couple, we often confuse this attraction with love:

But there is a big difference:

According to research, there is a difference between lust and love, and there are 7 fairly simple and obvious signs that you have a direct passion for him and nothing more:

You turn a blind eye to disagreements

Many people like to say that people with opposite personalities are attracted to each other, however, when it comes to basic values, it is useful for a strong relationship that the opinion of couples on such issues coincides:

You don’t see any flaws in it

Everything he says and does seems beautiful and perfect to you, and you can’t even imagine that he can do anything you don’t like:

You don’t know him that well

Of course, you are well aware of how good it is to have sex with him, but you do not know what his favorite color is:

You don’t tell him about yourself

On the one hand, you want him to consider you the most desirable woman, but on the other hand, you have no desire to tell him how your day went:

You never talk about the future

And in fact, with a flash of passion, you don’t even think that you can have any additional relationship with him:

Do you agree with him in everything

In such a relationship, you are not going to argue with him and agree to everything, just so that he has a good mood:

Nothing but sex

And in fact, if you don’t want to talk to him about any other topics, what else should you do:

A brief conclusion: if you realize that you are not at all interested in getting to know him better, most likely, he is just an instant interest for you: