She asks her sister to quit her job to become her babysitter: “My children are more important than your dogs”.

“My children are more important than your dogs,” she says, asking her sister to leave her job and watch her children.
Who are the first people we turn to if we are going through a difficult time? These will most often be family members. But it is not so obvious because we all have our own life, our own habits, our own obligations, and we are not going to change them with a request or a demand.

Despite the affection between family members, it is not necessarily necessary that everyone is available and ready to follow up on any request. similar to what occurred between two sisters in the story we will tell you.

These two sisters were very close and in constant contact with each other, but with different lives. In contrast to the other, who worked as a volunteer caring for dogs up for adoption, the first had started a family and had four children. The story’s first narrator is the mother, who made the decision to share the request made to her sister in a Reddit post.

I am a mother of four children and I am very stressed. Since she doesn’t have kids of her own, my sister has frequently offered to watch my nieces and nephews because she adores them. Recently, however, she has had some difficulties. She cares for and gets dogs ready for adoption by taking care of them when they are in need. It has never been an obstacle for her to help me with my children, but some time ago something changed. For about 8 months she took care of a very old Chihuahua who was scared of everything and got angry easily. This is why, unlike other times, she could not welcome her nephews and nieces into her home.

User @Throw_away_no374828 went on to explain that she suffered from severe depression. After the birth of her last child, she had gone through dark times and rather than asking for help from her husband, who was busy with his daily work, she had turned to her sister. She pleaded with her sister to give up the dog so she could help her with her kids when she learned that her sister wanted to get a new one.

I know how much she loves her job, but I need her so much that I would never have asked her to give something up. However, I feel guilty and afraid that I made a mistake towards him.

She continued by saying that she was unable to find a legitimate babysitter and couldn’t turn to anyone else for assistance. Many users in the comments were not nice to her or her husband. Some accused her of not being a good mother and others used strong words against the children’s father. But she continued to ask for advice, not insults. They were going through a bad patch, they were in therapy and they just needed someone to help them. help, especially their sister.
The sister, on the other hand, made the decision to take some time to consider whether she should keep working and take on more dogs or take a break and assist her sister.

What do you think ? Have you ever experienced a similar situation?