That is what it means when the lines of the heart line up on the palms of the hands.

It began in India and spread to Asia, Europe, and North America:.

Aristotle’s philosophical writings and the ancient Chinese book “Changes” both make mention of the science of the fate lines on the hands’ palms. Even Alexander the Great thought that this gave him a tactical advantage, which may have been the reason why he triumphed 15 times in a row:

On the palm, just below the fingers’ straight bases, is one of the most intriguing lines. :.

The intersection of these traits will determine your relationship and potential marriage. Let’s learn how to accomplish it independently:.

Simply spread out your palms and then glue them together.

Observe how the upper lines intersect.

1. You are a good lover and very wise if the line on your right hand is higher than the line on your left.

You have a tendency to listen to your soul’s wisdom.

2. If the line on the left hand is higher than the line on the right, it denotes that you are an independent, goal-oriented person who does not require love to be happy.

While it’s necessary, you don’t take love seriously and you struggle easily in a variety of life circumstances.

3. A calm and well-mannered personality is indicated by having facial features that are all the same height.

You dislike change in your life and are probably going to make a great parent.