Husky thinks she’s my babies mom. This video You should simply watch

Husky thinks she’s my babies mom. This video You should simply watch

The Husky breed would never have become so fashionable if the positive characteristics of the Siberian Husky were limited only to appearance.

Everyone has long known that dogs are people’s true friends. They always try to protect us from bad things, protect us, feel sad if we are sad and have fun when we have fun.

Despite this, owners often worry about how dogs will react to their young children. Before the birth of a baby, people give all their love to a pet, and then they have to divide it into two, so the animals begin to be jealous.

But do not underestimate dogs, because they also love children and sometimes take on the job of babysitting.

And if you managed to create a warm friendly relationship between a baby and a husky, which may seem impossible for many, then we suggest you watch the video below, where the husky accepted the new baby so warmly that he thinks he is the child’s mother. So this time the husky was delighted with the appearance of the baby and began to spend all the time with him.

The pet is constantly playing with the child, she protects the little boy and takes part in his upbringing.

So the relationship between a small child and a husky largely depends on how you treat them. And more importantly, you show how to understand each other’s language.