How Love and Care Changed the Life of The Cat Samuel. See the difference

When Samuel was taken to an animal shelter in Texas, his appearance was terrifying. He spent two years in a cramped plastic cage that is usually used to carry cats. Samuel was rescued from the home of the owner, who suffered from “Plushkin’s syndrome” and turned his house into a garbage dump. There was rubbish and stink all around, and Samuel survived only by feeding.

Without help and treatment, Samuel had no chance of survival, but his fate was changed thanks to the help of Leslie Raines, a veterinary assistant from Houston.

Leslie saw a photo of Samuel on social media and immediately contacted animal rights group Purrfect Cat Rescue to get the cat into care together and begin treatment.

Samuel was taken to the veterinarian’s office for a check-up, and his condition was deplorable. He had anemia, scabies, damaged corneas, poor dental health, and poor liver and kidney function. Moreover, the cat tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency).
This is a truly beautiful story about how love and care can change the life of an animal. Samuel has been through a lot, but thanks to Leslie and Brian, he has found his home and real family.