The girl met her dog after two years of separation

Exactly two years the girl spent in military service. For two years she did not see any of her relatives and people close to her and her beloved dog. At the same time, the girl became very worried that he had simply forgotten her because of such a long separation.
But these fears were unfounded. Of course, pets also suffer acutely from separation from their beloved owners, they miss them. They even, being in such stress, refuse to eat, are not interested in the life around them. But it is unlikely that the dog will forget the one to whom it is very attached.

The dog recognizes the familiar smell of the hostess and simply cannot hide the joy that has gripped him! The pet begins to lick his mistress, knocking her to the ground … And he is unusually happy! These touching shots say only one thing: how our pets love us, how they are devoted to us and miss us during separation.