Father tries to fulfill the dying son’s last wish. a story that will thrill everyone

Death is an integral part of life. Not only integral, but also natural. We all deal with death sooner or later. However, parents often find it difficult or do not know how to talk about death with their child.

A common approach is to hide the reality from the child at all costs and not tell anything. However, we are not doing the child a favor, on the contrary, we are harming the child.

No matter how small the child is, if he already speaks fluently, then it is necessary to be honest with him.

Of course, the most difficult thing is to talk to the child about his death. The thought that a child might be sick and not have a chance to live is something that no parent wants to think about even for a second.

Unfortunately, life can be cruel at times, as in the case of Bill. She is a doctor and has spent her life helping others, but she feels completely helpless when talking about her 9-year-old son’s illness. Two cancers were found in his son’s brain at once.

The doctors said that the son had only a few months to live. And the father decides to devote all his time to his son. The parents decide to make their son’s wishes come true by all possible means.

The condition of the 9-year-old boy is getting worse day by day, but the parents do not give up. But one day they hear the most painful question a child can ever ask a parent. “And if I am not cured and die?” The father tries to give a comforting answer to the child, but they were powerless in the fight against cancer. The little boy dies in his parents’ arms, and the parents’ only consolation is that they were able to give their son happy moments and that the boy spent the last days of his life surrounded by their love.

Nowadays, it is important to fight against such malignant diseases in time, and for this it is necessary to conduct regular examinations and visit a doctor to avoid such a tragic end.