Dad, don’t eat the cake. Mom added poisonous liquid there

My husband’s birthday is coming up soon. I decided to please him and bake a delicious cake. I went to the store, bought the necessary products and began to cook. My daughter is three years old. She loves spending time with me in the kitchen. All the time she asked me about the recipe, about how the cake would taste. When it came time to add baking powder, I was surprised to find that there was none. I didn’t get upset. I decided instead to add soda quenched with vinegar to the dough. It was possible to pay off with lemon juice, but I just didn’t have it either. I had to use vinegar the old fashioned way.
What an interesting bottle, – said the daughter. — I want to drink from it.
It’s not water at all,” I replied.

How not vodka? She is transparent, – the daughter was surprised.
This liquid can be poisonous.
Is she poisonous?
I quickly did all the manipulations and poured the quenched soda into the dough. When the consistency was ready, I sent it to bake in the oven, and I myself started preparing the cream. The husband at that time was lying on the couch and reading a book.
When the cake was baked, I left it to cool a little, and I myself decided to see what my husband was doing.


What are you baking there? – he asked.
Your favorite chocolate pie.
And do you love me?
You are kind of weird. Why are you asking such questions?
My daughter told me in secret that you added poisonous liquid to it.
What other poisonous liquid?

You better know. My daughter told me in my ear that I should not eat it, because poison was added to it.

Now I understand what is at stake. I laughed for a long time and told my husband about the soda quenched with vinegar. As my daughter wanted to drink vinegar, but I did not allow it. Said it was poisonous. Now we always remember this incident and laugh for a long time. These are the surprises our children can bring.