A man adopted a puppy, but it turned out to grow not a dog

When we take a mongrel puppy into the house, we don’t suspect who he will grow into in the future. He can turn into a pocket-sized cutie, or he can grow into a healthy dog. A similar incident occurred with a resident of Arizona in the United States.
One day a man was walking past a house with a big sign saying “puppies are free”. He had long dreamed of a dog and decided that this was his destiny. Going inside, he saw a lot of cute puppies. He especially liked the cutie with the expressive amber look. The owners of the shelter said that it was an ordinary mongrel. The breed was not important to the man and he took this puppy.

The dog, who was named Neon, quickly got used to the new house and fell in love with the caring owner. But over time, the man began to doubt whether he really took a dog from a shelter?
Growing up, his pet became more and more like a wolf. His behavior was also not at all like a dog, he behaved like a wild animal. Every day, the instincts of a predator manifested themselves more and more, frightening the owner.
The man decided to take his pet to a nearby reserve. Barely looking at the animal, his employees asked in surprise: “Do you know that you are not leading a dog at all on a leash?” The man was told that his pet wolf dog was a hybrid of a mongrel and a wolf. The young man decided to leave the animal in the reserve, because keeping such a specimen in an apartment is quite dangerous. At any moment, instincts can take over, because it’s not for nothing that folk wisdom says: “Don’t feed the wolf, but he keeps looking into the forest”.
In the reserve, Neon found friends and began to live in conditions close to nature. He even had a girlfriend of the same breed, a female named Maya.