This baby’s appearance made fun of everyone, her called “disgusting”, but look at her now, 25 years later

This girl’s look were mocked by many, but look at her now, 25 years later.

Lizzie Velasquez was born in 1989 weighing less than 1 pound. She looked different from other babies and had a rare disease. Already in kindergarten, she realized that she is unique. She was called “disgusting” and began to be mocked.

Everything arround Lizzie collapsed when a video with her participation was published at the age of 16, where she is called “the ugliest woman in the world”.

When Lizzie watched the video, she claimed that everything around her fell apart. It’s crazy to think that tens of thousands of people can sit down at their computers and behave in a way that effectively scares a terminally ill 16-year-old girl. The video has garnered millions of views. However, Lizzie was able to gather strength within herself and showed her strength to those who hurt her.

At the age of 28, Lizzie is an outstanding business woman.

He travels all over the world and talks to people about his health and lifestyle. He has over 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Lizzie was able to prove to her detractors that she is much more powerful. she has a remarkable family and career, is a university graduate, and has authored a best-selling book about her life.